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Northern Credit Union is one of the biggest credit unions in Ontario. A full-service and locally operated financial institution, NCU offers personal and commercial banking and financial planning to more than 50,000 member shareholders. To date dig has acted as full-service media planner & buyer for NCU and has been partner on multiple projects in digital transformation.

A success story - delivering an effective member-first online solution.

The Goal:

To make it easier for an aging member base to navigate the Northern Credit Union website, and, to convert more of the younger population as new organization members. 

The Ask:
  • Redesigned information architecture of public facing website and online banking environment.
dig's Approach:

dig built an information architecture that was member focused by delivering a needs-based solution. Rather than trying to sell the member a particular product, we thought of a way in which we could ascertain the needs of a member and deliver them a clear picture digital solution with the appropriate products for the need. In order to complete this project, DIG set up and reviewed Google and Adobe Analytics implementations and built dashboards which utilized unique user ID’s. These user ID’s were then able to be brought into the secure environment at NCU and paired with actual member data to analyze member behaviour.

By analyzing member behaviour over the course of a year, we were able to determine the ebbs and flows of users through not only but also subdomains and additional websites and vendors. This required a cross-domain tracking element to be able to associate sessions across multiple different web properties and mobile applications.

Our end goal with the project was to deliver a system which allowed members to get the right information in the right place, at the right time with as minimal effort as possible. Further to our main goal we wanted to allow non-members to action that information in real-time by supporting those users with additional tools like online account opening solutions and live chat. This project spanned more than just the front-facing website as the information that was collected about the behaviour of users was then utilized to trigger automated email campaigns and deliver relevant information within email campaigns based on what users were looking at on the public website and secured online banking environment.

Key learnings for dig on this project were the benefits of utilizing dynamic content in user-first online environments. Through the implementation of dynamic content sections within multiple different channels (a public facing website, a secured member environment, a financial literacy environment, and various mobile applications), we were able to drive users to content that was more relevant to what they were looking for, rather than relying on them to know what to search for. This greatly reduced the ‘time to find’ relevant content for the user and allowed the organization to distribute important messages quickly and efficiently.