An agency and consulting subscription model for
mid-sized organizations.

dig has built an agency and consulting subscription based model for our mid-sized organizations. This allows organizations to scale their marketing and decision making functions practically overnight. Our team of consultants, creative directors, analysts and coordinators can be on the ground (in-person or virtually) and a functional part of your organization the next day.

How it works

We have built a process that involves gathering internal and external data, analyzing media buys and current activities, and determining key business impacting KPIs like cost-per-acquisition and customer life-time value.

Access to our whole team via your account coordinator and benefit from the full breadth of our experience.

An account dedicated resource who becomes a member of your team for a designated number of hours each month.

Pre-negotiated media rates, best in class, typically over 50% off rack rate.

Simplified agency fees with consolidated invoicing – including media costs. You also have access to media plans and budget reconciliations with up-to-date spend and supporting results.

Fully customizable reporting intervals, content, and scope – the more data we have access to, the more valuable the insights we can provide to you.

Why it works

The Bottom Line:

The relationship built through this model and the insights we collectively gain allows us to understand what really makes your business money and how we can immediately begin to optimize for success.

Brands who have benefitted