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dig’s collaboration with the CHEO Foundation commenced with their annual Dream of a Lifetime Lottery, which features a stunning dream home in Ottawa, created through the combined efforts of numerous local organizations. This lottery serves as a crucial source of revenue for CHEO, and optimizing conversions from “free” channels like email and SMS marketing lessens the burden on paid advertising funds, ultimately benefiting the foundation. As the event consistently sells out, our focus was on optimization rather than solely revenue generation.

Owing to our successful track record with the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery, the CHEO Foundation has engaged dig for ongoing consulting and creative services encompassing data and email marketing strategies across all their business operations and revenue-generating initiatives; including their annual 50/50 draw.

Building Scalable Organization Wide email marketing strategies.

The Goal:

The current goal is to increase the overall effectiveness and efficiency of their email marketing strategy

  • Generate direct revenue tied to email marketing campaign
  • Increase in deliverability by 23%
  • Drive event participation
  • Reduce the tax on the email marketing list by reducing the total number of sends while achieving better results
dig's Approach:

dig’s approach to building a long term sustainable approach to email marketing is to reduce the overall “tax” put on the contact list by limiting the number of sends. Often times in organizations there is many different parts of the organization that needs to communicate with these people and if these strategies are looked at in isolation the sheer volume of sends can be overlooked. Utilizing techniques like organization wide segmentation dig was able to reduce the total number of sends and produce better results.