Sault College




Sault College is a mid-sized community college that maintains a yearly student population of approximately 2,400 full-time and 4,500 part-time students. 

dig was engaged by the College to help revitalize programs with low enrolment and ensure their on-going viability. Sault College utilizes dig’s subscription model to continue to optimize for on-going success.

A success story - ensuring the viability of low-enrollment College programs.

The Goal:

With the College seeking to strengthen programs experiencing low enrollment and ensure the future viability of these programs, Marketing’s goal was to generate website traffic and online applications for low enrollment programs, generating new leads for College recruiters.

  • Increased recruitment leads
  • Higher volume of actual applications
  • Increased enrollment in at risk programs
dig's Approach:

dig developed program specific campaigns for each of the identified low enrollment College programs. Campaigns ran on Google Display, Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, across Village Media’s network of sites as ads and in sponsored content. Campaign creative focused on the possible careers associated with these programs. Ads were placed and targeted to reach two distinct groups: individuals searching for information on each specific college program or how to become qualified in related careers, and, parents of pre-college aged students.

Measurement of campaign performance was focused on three conversion definitions. We measured: 1, the success of the campaign in driving interest in the programs by tracking views of each program’s page on the website, 2, the number of clicks taking users from program pages to the external program application platform, and 3, the number of actual applications received by the College for each program.

All focus College programs saw increased enrollment following the start of advertising campaigns. One program in particular, Sports Administration, went from having zero applications to having nine accepted applications (applications that have been approved and accepted by the student) three weeks following the start of the campaign. Five of these were directly attributed to campaign activity thanks to the tracking integration between Sault College’s website analytics and the Ontario College application platform.