McDougall Energy




McDougall Energy is a large marketer and distributor of petroleum products, based in Ontario. McDougall offers heating oil, propane, bulk fuels, and commercial lubricants to home, commercial, and retail clients across Canada. dig has been partnered with McDougall Energy for 6+ years as digital consultant and media buyer.

A Success Story
Increasing sales of home heating services

The Goal:

With the business seeking to increase net new home heating customers during peak heating season, Marketing’s goal was to increase traffic and conversions on the McDougall Energy website, thereby providing sales opportunities for regional territory managers.

  • Increased online conversions by 30% over the same time period in the previous year.
  • Drove 15% of total online conversions directly from digital campaigns.
  • Increased website traffic during peak selling season by 81% while reducing ad spend by 20% year-over-year.
  • Boosted organic presence following campaign run.
dig's Approach:

dig created home heating campaigns for Google Display and Google Search alongside a McDougall energy ‘branded’ Google Search campaign. The campaigns highlighted McDougall as a home heating brand and featured the ‘value adds’ of McDougall’s service offering. The conversion focused campaign targeted locations with operations hubs identified as primed for growth. Only high interest audiences were targeted – users who had shown interest in or searched for information on propane or home heating systems. The brand focused search component targeted McDougall ‘brand’ keywords as well as competitor ‘brand’ keywords.

To ensure that campaign success could be properly measured, dig implemented tracking on the website forms to which traffic was being driven, allowing us to measure form entries as conversions.