McDougall Energy

Market research & brand entry planning

McDougall Energy is a large marketer and distributor of petroleum products, based in Ontario. A growth-focused company, McDougall has pursued regular acquisitions in recent years, expanding their service offering and overall footprint. 

The goal of this project was to explore the reality of a business expansion into the Kingston region for each of McDougall Energy’s main business lines, and to subsequently strategize for market entry into the Kingston region.

What we did


To establish the following:


dig utilized a combined quantitative and qualitative research approach. Data collection methods included studying purchased third-party data (Environics), conducting competitive analysis through mystery shopping and in-market surveys, and researching public domain data (StatsCan, municipal publications, and search trend data).


dig provided an initial and final report complete with a full strategy for entry into the market and a drive with all relevant data used to compile the report. Primary areas of focus included:

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