Sault College

SEO review & strategy

To complement their larger marketing and recruitment strategy, Sault College sought a stronger SEO strategy to improve their visibility on search engines and help to drive targeted online traffic to their website. 

What we did


As a college, with over 20 distinct categories of programs, Sault College’s needs for a successful SEO strategy are unique. The Sault College website contains a vast amount of content and categories of content to optimize on-page. The variance in content categories also equates to numerous audience cohorts and therefore an enormous amount of valuable keywords, phrases, and applicable backlink opportunities.


This project involved the researching of keywords and phrases to select relevant search terms for website copy, the optimization of on-page SEO, recommendations for additional web pages and content for the purpose of ‘catching’ high value keywords and search phrases, and providing traffic and ranking reports for Sault College’s website. dig categorized keywords and search phrases by program, developing a list to be used for each of the College’s programs sections on the website. We also completed a review of the College’s backlink profile, highlighting high value opportunities for repair and improvement. Finally, dig completed a review of technical issues impacting SEO scores, prioritizing these into quick fixes, high priority, and long-term goals.


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