CHEO Foundation

Tracking & reporting system overhaul

With eight separate websites for their various fundraising events, lotteries, and donation platforms, CHEO Foundation reaches a diverse audience with one central goal: raising awareness of and revenue for hospital needs. Understanding the behaviour of users in each environment is key to optimizing the development of the CHEO Foundation’s initiatives, both in terms of delivery and communication.

What we did


Organic growth at the Foundation and a decentralized approach to managing tracking had resulted in a disparate collection of digital tracking systems – some of which were not accurately measuring traffic. Further, a blend of unique and shared conversion and engagement goals within each environment meant little consistency in what was being measured and how. CHEO was effectively unable to reliably analyze website behaviour and marketing campaign success outside of direct campaign results and revenue generated.


To start, dig completed a review of CHEO’s current tracking setup as well as a review of all results for the preceding two years. Internal stakeholder meetings and questionnaires were completed so that dig could better understand organizational goals. These were then paired with a comprehensive review of each website to identify goals and website events that should be tracked and how.

dig implemented Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) across all websites and purchase environments – each with a separate property and a combined view. Action and soft conversion events relevant to the conversion funnel of each website were added to each tracking property, including actions like call-to-action clicks, form submissions, and conversion first steps. Ecommerce tracking and conversion tracking was set up for event registrations, ticket purchases, and donations. dig also implemented numerous custom dimensions for each website to enable examination donation and registration variances. To ensure that all digital advertising is attributable, dig prepared a UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) guide for trafficking ads.


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