CHEO Foundation

Email marketing & customer journey mapping

CHEO Foundation’s two major lotteries, the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery and the CHEO 50/50 serve as crucial sources of revenue for the Foundation. Optimizing conversions from “free” channels like email and SMS marketing lessens the burden on paid advertising funds, ultimately benefiting the Foundation.

CHEO’s primary email and SMS marketing objective is optimization and revenue maximization.

What we did


The Foundation’s prime earner, the email marketing list, had become overused. A ‘send more, make more’ attitude, coupled with multiple fundraising events and lotteries using the same contact list with little plan cohesion, had contributed to a major loss in performance and increased unsubscribes, effectively putting the whole program at risk. dig was tasked with mapping a way forward.


This was essentially a two-step process. First, we needed to understand how the email program operated – when, who, how often, and what types of emails were being sent, and by which departments. This included a wider net of research to understand how email fits into the bigger picture of marketing and fundraising efforts. Second, we needed to map customer journeys, delineating how donors, registrants, and ticket buyers interact with the Foundation as a whole.


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