Digitizing municipal governments: 3 of the most critical areas to focus on

The past several years have seen multiple layers of government in Canada investing a substantial amount of time and resources in transitioning to increasing digital-based service delivery. We have seen this in our federal and provincial governments- the Canada Revenue Agency, for example, has greatly modernized its online services- such as MyCRA and SecureKey- for […]

Effective ways financial institutions can increase their recurring revenue – while keeping their customer base happy (and costs low)

The financial services industry landscape- especially with respect to banking- is continuously evolving- brought on by further changes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. With the rise of minor players like fintechs and smaller credit unions threatening to steal away market share from the “old guard”- or the traditional banks which have historically wielded so much […]

Post-Covid: Why a global economic meltdown is looking increasingly possible

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on the global economy- plunging nations into financial chaos and putting millions of people out of work. Governments worldwide were quick to respond with stimulus packages designed to cushion the blows and keep their economies propped up- while racking up enormous levels of debt in the process. Canada’s government was widely […]

Marketing strategies for credit unions in a post-Covid world

A year ago the branch of the future was all the rage. Someone would be sitting next to your customers with a tablet, serving them coffee and going over their financial needs on a couch right beside them. Things have obviously changed a bit. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across all sectors of the economy, forcing […]

Canada’s 5 most innovative Fintech companies

Apaylo Financial Technology Inc. Based in Vaughan, Ontario; Apaylo was launched in 2019 and was quick to establish itself as a major player in the Fintech space- having processed $1 billion in digital payments by its first anniversary- an accomplishment that is almost unheard of for a startup company! Apaylo’s product offering includes payment software […]

How brands can earn more by marketing like small businesses

It’s obvious: big brands and small businesses approach marketing very differently. When we’re marketing a big brand, everything’s… bigger. From marketing teams and budgets and contractors and the array of ad campaigns and channels, there’s more of everything. Of course that also means a lot of extra pressure on ourselves as marketing managers. ENTER THE […]