Canada’s 5 most innovative Fintech companies

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Apaylo Financial Technology Inc.

Based in Vaughan, Ontario; Apaylo was launched in 2019 and was quick to establish itself as a major player in the Fintech space- having processed $1 billion in digital payments by its first anniversary- an accomplishment that is almost unheard of for a startup company!

Apaylo’s product offering includes payment software platforms that allow businesses to digitize their customer cashier experience by offering credit card, debit card (bank-to-bank), and interac payment alternatives.  While Apaylo offers credit card acquirer solutions, its primary focus is on offering real time bank based payment platforms for the fintech, paytech, and financial services community.  While a new Canadian fintech, you have already likely experienced Apaylo as they are the software and business process powering payment technologies behind the scenes on over $2.0 billion online commerce transactions.

ASAPP Financial Technology Inc.

With offices in Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie, ASAPP is an Ontario-based firm that builds, licenses, configures, hosts and supports ASAPP OXP – Canada’s most complete omnichannel experience platform. ASAPP’s account and lending origination solutions are leveraged by 62 Canadian credit union brands who hold over $42B in assets under management, support over 1 million members and represent over 15% of the top 100 credit unions in Canada. ASAPP is integrated with a host of strategic partners to deliver identity verification, real-time lending decisioning, e-signatures, core banking integration, creditor protection insurance and document management. The platform continues to expand with the addition of customer relationship management, content management and business analytics feature sets that will be released in 2021.


Having a tool that provides bank account verification to millions of North American app users is extremely important in this day and age; and Flinks’ financial API and customizable UX front-end module provides a competitive edge to businesses by enabling their users to securely connect, enrich, and utilize their financial data.

Users of Flinks are able to connect their bank accounts and gain instant access to KYC (Know Your Customer), which verifies user identities on the spot; plus receive automatic account and routing information for EFT payments. Furthermore, a detailed transaction history of up to 365 days is provided where users can receive detailed reports on credit decisioning, lending, and fraud.


Certn is the company you go to when you need to conduct comprehensive, in-depth criminal background checks in a timely manner, without the hassle

Certn offers a streamlined criminal record report process, in partnership with the RCMP. Their RCMP Name Based Criminal Record reports are 100% online, meaning no paper trails and no lengthy manual processes. Within minutes, their dashboard software provides official documentation issued by Canadian police departments.

Furthermore, Certn’s partnership with the RCMP enables them to search the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records (CPIC)- and provide enhanced reports including searches of the Police Information Portal (PIP), along with local police records. Highly convenient!


Ficanex – based in Oakville, Ontario- is bringing new and innovative fintech solutions to tier two financial institutions (banks and credit unions) in Canada. They have created a fintech integration platform called tunl. that serves as the foundation of a new and innovative capability to integrate Fintech solutions into FIs core banking systems. Leveraging the platform, Ficanex is currently leading the Artificial Intelligence revolution with their AI-powered chatbot – Designed to be an innovative customer service solution specifically for financial institutions, provides 7/24/365 assistance to customers automatically across all digital channels.

Programmed with authentic dialogue by Ficanex’s support team, can point potential customers to personalized product solutions – such as credit cards or new accounts, while helping to generate viable sales leads. Helping automate the ordinary so that your team can focus on the extraordinary, the chatbot facilitates answers to routine financial services support questions; freeing up the time of human CSRs to best focus their time and energies in higher value customer interactions. Truly an innovative and incredible advancement in Artificial Intelligence!